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what with being a full-time student, I haven't found much time to read for pleasure in 2014. That is, except during exams, when I take multiple long breaks from studying to read full length novels. It helps de-stress me. well, that's my story and I am sticking to it!


In the past month, I must have read at least 20 books. Just the past month alone (In addition to all the science I have been revising for my exams). 



urban fantasy is my favorite genre, but I seem to be a bit burned out, so I returned to a former favorite genre - historical romance. while I have discovered a few new fabulous authors, I find I am less willing to let nonsense slip by all in the name of HEA. If a heroine or hero is despicable, they don't get a pass simply because they are he love interest. Eh. 

I guess this is all to say, I am a bit more picky about my books now, which makes the good ones all the better, but which also means finding good books to enjoy is much harder. 


Dilemma dilemma.

Hi BookLikes

So I am here.


I just haven't had the time to sit down, import stuff/catalogue stuff around, or even look around much.


I guess it will be my new year's resolution!

Kinked - Thea Harrison

Welcome to another one of my long and meandering reviews. Here goes:

 I haven't had the best of luck with this series- in fact, after the superb series debut, all the others went bust (except mebbe book 5), and Ms. Harrison couldn't seem to recreate the magic she had with her initial characters. I have been swearing I am done with this series, but Dragos, Pia, Graydon, and now Liam, keep drawing me back.

So now for the thoughts:
<b><u>The characters:</u></b>
<b>Aryal:</b> like BamaGal said when she was still on here, this book was going to be a sort of a quandary: Aryal's been written as such an unsympathetic character in previous books that to read her as she was wouldn't be very fun, but to make like she is a misunderstood soul who's really sweet on the inside would be a cop-out... And I agree.

After reading I will not say the Aryal we saw in this book was a cop-out, but I will also not say Ms. Harrison was faithful to the character she had previously created; it was somewhere intermediate.

<b>Quentin:</b> Eh. He was okay, I guess. I didn't take to him like I have some of the other characters, but he was....aight. Not the worst hero in this series- actually one of the better ones, come to think of it.

However, after finding out that it was he who outed Dragos and Pia to Urien in book 1, I wanted someone to tell Dragos because I wanted a smackdown!! But alas- no one cares about my wishes, so no one did