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Kinked - Thea Harrison

Welcome to another one of my long and meandering reviews. Here goes:

 I haven't had the best of luck with this series- in fact, after the superb series debut, all the others went bust (except mebbe book 5), and Ms. Harrison couldn't seem to recreate the magic she had with her initial characters. I have been swearing I am done with this series, but Dragos, Pia, Graydon, and now Liam, keep drawing me back.

So now for the thoughts:
<b><u>The characters:</u></b>
<b>Aryal:</b> like BamaGal said when she was still on here, this book was going to be a sort of a quandary: Aryal's been written as such an unsympathetic character in previous books that to read her as she was wouldn't be very fun, but to make like she is a misunderstood soul who's really sweet on the inside would be a cop-out... And I agree.

After reading I will not say the Aryal we saw in this book was a cop-out, but I will also not say Ms. Harrison was faithful to the character she had previously created; it was somewhere intermediate.

<b>Quentin:</b> Eh. He was okay, I guess. I didn't take to him like I have some of the other characters, but he was....aight. Not the worst hero in this series- actually one of the better ones, come to think of it.

However, after finding out that it was he who outed Dragos and Pia to Urien in book 1, I wanted someone to tell Dragos because I wanted a smackdown!! But alas- no one cares about my wishes, so no one did